Translate PRO For Legal Work

Translate PRO is an AI-powered translation software designed to streamline multilingual communications and collaborations within the legal sector. Equipped with 55 languages and over 100 industry-specific domains, law firms can securely and accurately translate contracts, discovery documents, litigation materials, and more.

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Key Benefits

Expand Your Practice

Take on more multilingual cases and more international clients.

Maintain Confidentiality

Guarantee client privacy of information during translations.

Saved Time & Money

Beat deadlines by translating 10 pages in 10 seconds.

Customize Your Model

Use our Dictionary and Memory features to customize one of our 100 industry-specific models (legal, finance, medical, etc.)

Quick, Affordable And Accurate Translations

Whether you are self-employed, a small business with international ambitions or a growing business with localization teams, SYSTRAN Translate PRO is the secret translation weapon you have been looking for.

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Professional Translation Features