Language Translation Software for Small-Medium Businesses

Find out how language translation software can assist small-to-medium businesses and expand your customer base to experience the benefits of globalization.


Why Is Translation So Important?

The most direct benefit of offering multi-language sales support is broadening your customer base. Globalization for SMBs is more possible than ever before.  With digital stores, multilingual websites, and international shipping, companies are now able to instantly reach around the world.  Expanding your customer base across language barriers, helping you access your products and understand your brand, the number of new prospective customers skyrockets.

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Why Choose SYSTRAN?

SYSTRAN is the world leader in machine translation and language translation software for businesses. We make it possible for any size of business to have fast and accurate translations in over 50 languages. We place a premium on data security and have the most robust privacy policies available on the market, SYSTRAN has been the safe choice for secure translation solutions for over 53 years.

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Professional Translation Features

Cloud Based Solutions

SYSTRAN Translate PRO is a cloud-based solution. Users are able to receive accurate translations instantly, share files with your entire team no matter where you are located while keeping your data safe. Our technical infrastructure was built to comply with your local data protection regulation protocols.

Industry Specific Models

We understand that language isn’t the same for every industry. The language, vocabulary, and grammar used by a tech company are very different from what’s used in the fashion industry. That’s why we built the largest collection of industry-specific models that surpass all of our competitors in translation accuracy.

Technical Expertise

SYSTRAN’s translation software puts powerful processing in your hands. We utilize a blend of artificial intelligence with machine learning. This makes it so that the translation program can automatically grow and develop new processes to tackle even the most difficult or complex translation tasks.

Decades Of Experience

The teams at SYSTRAN have been developing and working with translation software since 1968—but we never rest on our laurels. We continually strive to push the boundaries of machine translation for businesses by utilizing the newest and most advanced processes available on the market to provide our customers with the most accurate translation tools possible.

What Type of Businesses Benefit from Translation?

With the intense focus on globalization in most industries and markets and large numbers of workers who are non-native English speakers, almost every business can benefit from utilizing translation management software. Because of the worldwide access provided in digital products, companies with any sort of online presence are at the top of the list of those that can directly benefit from translation management services. Some of the other top industries include:


Use our TED model; trained by using TedTalks, to get terminology and contextual accuracy from subject matter experts in every professional field.

Health Research

Try our newest Health Models; trained by medical professionals that now include terminology specific to Corona Virus (including all terms around: immunology, vaccination, medicines, symptoms, etc.)

Professional Services

See why LSPs and Human Translators prefer to use our MT engines to save them countless hours of translation validation by leveraging our robust User Dictionaries and Translation Memory functionalities.


How Can a Small to Medium-Sized Business Use SYSTRAN? 

SYSTRAN helps power up small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to globalize or expand your business to multilingual customers. A key part of globalization and expanding your business is based around translation, which SYSTRAN helps streamline.

Quick & Accurate

No matter if you’re translating a technical white paper or want to reach a new market with your next advertising campaign SYSTRAN’s machine translation software can help.

Level Up Your Team

SYSTRAN can even integrate with customer support channels, allowing your customer service team to provide multilingual text and email support with instant translation services.

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Should My Business Use SYSTRAN? 

If you need translation, SYSTRAN is the best bet for you. If you’re still unsure, talk to SYSTRAN today and find out more about how we can fulfill all of the translation needs for your business. We have the answers to your biggest translation questions and solutions for your most complex translation projects.

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