Machine Language Traducción Services for Education

Support and communicate with international and ESL students easily with SYSTRAN, a 55-year leader in translation technology. Trust our high-quality, on-premise solution to safeguard private academic data while enabling seamless multilingual communication.

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Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School

Level The Playing Field for


International and Foreign Language Students

Educational institutions with international or students with differing native languages can’t afford to leave those students behind.
Accurately translating materials such as announcements, course syllabi, and assignment descriptions for English language learners can make the difference between a pass and failure.
As international and English as a second language student populations grow, SYSTRAN can help to bridge the language gaps and ensure a level academic playing field.



Your Best Student

Translating school materials like textbooks, eLearning materials, websites and PDF documents is quick and easy with SYSTRAN.


Where SYSTRAN differs from other translation applications is that it learns – gaining proficiency every time it is used. Add in education-specific domains and various language models, and you have a translation system that’s ready for the honor roll!

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