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Who Should Attend This Event?

Small and Medium Companies –
25-500 employees.

Companies with existing clients/customers overseas.

Companies looking for new revenue streams / new customers.

Companies getting started or already well established abroad.

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A collaboration between 9 leading companies, Building Blocks to Going Global is a virtual event to support your small-medium business during this post-Covid era with a roadmap to recovery.

Our goal is to equip you with the critical tools and strategies to identify new target markets, growth opportunities, and connect you with the right partners.

These 9 prominent companies combined have been supporting SMBs for over 50 years – they have the experience and expertise to take your business to the next level. Hear from their C-Level executives.

Benefits to attending this conference:
    • Discover the best practices shared by industry leaders for strategic global expansion.
    • Learn the tactical tools and applications integral to becoming a global brand. 
  • Get connected with other SMBs leaders and C-level global executives.
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Conference ITINERARY

Building Your Support Network

In this interview with Nikia Clarke, Vice President, Economic Development/ Executive Director, World Trade Center San Diego, we explore the other aspects of how best to go global for your business and future growth.

The 5 Prerequisites to Expansion

Discover the 5 essentials to kickstart your company’s “going global” efforts!

Multilingual Customer Support

Engaging with customers is vital when something is working the way they expect it to do. Language I/O are one of the leaders in the chat space and will outline the best approach to chat and turn your call agents into language ninjas.

HITL – Human in the Loop of Automation

Although Machine Translation gives a high quality output these days, there will still be a need to human review from time to time, Epic Translation have a long track record in helping companies add “human in the loop” when it is necessary.

Global E-Commerce

Attracting customers is important but having the ability to process and receive payments for your products and services is vital, this presentation with Phil Gorman will focus on the key issues with trading globally and some useful hints in how best to approach them.

Customer Education

Customer and prospect education is moving quickly towards video, Forrester reported that people spend 88% more time on a website with video, Learn how CaptionHub helps organizations makes it available in the language of the customers choice.

Connectivity Revolution

In this presentation with David Ruane, learn exactly how small-medium businesses can benefit from the right technology stack. He illustrates and highlights how the ability to update and localize large volumes of content – quickly and easily – is business-critical for more organizations than ever before.

Omnichannel Communication

Communicating in the native language of your customers it’s extremely important and during this presentation Phillip Staiger, Technical Account Manager at SYSTRAN, will demonstrate how easy it is to embed machine translation in on your common email and office technologies.

Mind The Gap: Avoiding Pitfalls

Developing a plan of attack is vital when embarking along the global journey. How SMB’s should avoid pitfalls while going global is one of them. Listen as Amit Vikram discusses how to spot the pitfalls, how to avoid them and help you navigate and chart new global markets, confidently.

The Nine Elements

Our Panel Of Expert Speakers

Nikia Clarke
David Ruane
Amit Vikram
the rewards of machine translation

Real World Examples

 testimonial image
 testimonial image
 testimonial image

“We've saved tens of thousands of dollars already, and have saved our admins that use this software countless hours in manual efforts.”

Nelson Bodnarchuk - Director of Operational Systems at Torex Gold Resources Inc.

"As we break into the international market obviously language is a huge barrier, and Google can't do a lot of the technical translations that SYSTRAN was able to do"

Ben Weinrib - CEO, Eddy Pump

"When we decided to enter the international market, we quickly understood that only a powerful technology could allow us to open these new markets."

Stéphan Szeremeta - Global Editorial Director PETIT FUTÉ


This is a virtual event designed to equip small-medium businesses with tools and knowledge to successfully break into international markets. Tracks will focus on overcoming the challenge language presents and include sessions covering search engine optimization, customer education, exporting, and more!

SYSTRAN, a pioneer in the machine translation industry, was established 50+ years ago to work on translation of Russian to English text for the United States Air Force during the Cold War. Since, the international company has provided business users of all sizes with advanced and secure translation solutions and technologies. 

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