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Specific domain translation tool

SYSTRAN Translate PRO provides with machine translation solutions to meet the specific needs of your industry. Give your company the means to respond with the linguistic precision to the requirements of your sector.

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Quickly translate your documents

Need to translate a 30-slide PowerPoint for a presentation tomorrow? With SYSTRAN, that’s possible in a few seconds! Upload any Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF document. SYSTRAN generates a fully translated version instantly with your layout, graphs and illustrations entirely preserved! All translated documents are also editable if you need to make final corrections to make them perfect!

Quickly Translate

One-click API Integrations: Outlook 365(Emails, Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Chrome, Firefox, I.E, voice to text, ZenDesk and more!

Translate 55 Languages

Access our intelligent database and translate in 55 languages and 150+ language pairs. Technical terminology, regional slang, and cultural nuances can be learned and remembered thanks to natural language processing (NLP).


View our Language Catalog and a list of languages and language pairs. 

Over 50 years of innovation in machine translation

Since its creation in 1968, SYSTRAN has never ceased to innovate in order to remain at the forefront of research in the field of automatic natural language processing (NLP).

50 Years Innovation

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“One of the best FREE machine translators I’ve ever used. Super responsive and intuitive. SYSTRAN’s translator has made completing translation projects so mucho easier!”

Errol de Jesus

B2B Freelance writer / blogger


“In our industry, we have to understand technical manuals in Dutch, respond to calls from tenders in German… with a native language that is French. Simple and efficient, SYSTRAN can translate the technical terms used in our profession. Productivity is incomparable to process large volumes of documents!"

Laure Capitaine

Assistant at High Voltage Power Lines department at Eiffage


“With a wide coverage of European and Asian languages, excellent translation quality, advanced customization features and a team of experts at our side, SYSTRAN quickly became a key partner in our project."

Laure Capitaine

Assistant at High Voltage Power Lines department at Eiffage


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