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Language gaps in training and eLearning assets can render them counterproductive. SYSTRAN fills those gaps, immediately.
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Slow, Expensive Human Translation Stalls Growth 

Training and education materials are critical to every organization, advancing productivity and processes to build successful growth.


But bringing those materials to an international workforce isn’t easy, as language can be a major obstacle. Translating these assets is the only route to success, but human Language Service Providers can be incredibly slow, operating at a snail’s pace in a real-time world.


What’s more, the costs are prohibitive, especially as the lead time on these projects means training efforts are stalled in the interim. Avoiding the high cost/slow delivery paradigm of human translation is simply a must.  

How we solve it.

SYSTRAN enables organizations to quickly translate educational and eLearning materials with incredible accuracy.


Instead of waiting weeks to translate a hundred-page training manual, SYSTRAN completes the job within minutes while maintaining format and meaning.


Using trainers as the “expert in the loop” to review these translations means these documents can be ready to go immediately.


What’s more, SYSTRAN offers language models that match your industry’s terminology, and can translate 55 languages via 150 language pairs. 

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Our customers talk about it best

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“SYSTRAN, in partnership with Harvard, developed OpenNMT, a big name in MT. We loved the fact that they still contribute to this opensource project.”


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“Working with SYSTRAN, is working with a company with 50 years of experience in machine translation: the skill is very high.”


Managing Director 


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"MT market growth will be fueled by growth of the media,entertainment and e-learning segments".

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SYSTRAN NMT in this solution

Localizing training materials can be difficult with Language Service Providers, as high cost/slow delivery remains the industry’s key shortcoming.


With SYSTRAN NMT, this paradigm is reversed, as presentations, manuals, captions, and operating procedures can be translated at a rate of three pages per second.


Using specialized language domains based on your industry, SYSTRAN NMT immediately understands critical jargon and terminology better than all other translation applications. And, the system learns with each translation, quickly adapting to your organization’s language to ensure your training materials are equally effective – no matter the language. 

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