Speak the Language of International Customer Support

Real time customer service demands real time language translation. Simple integration with Salesforce, ServiceNow and Zendesk empowers your customer service on a global scale.

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Integrates directly into your tech stack

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Slow Translation Means 
Poor Customer Service  

Serving international customers effectively requires mutual understanding on many levels, with language the most critical.


Because of this, customer support teams need immediate language translation within their workflows, or risk delays and inefficiencies.


Human language translation services not only lack the ability to translate in real time, but the documents they can translate can take weeks and the cost can be extremely high.

Having a real-time translation partner is the best way to solve these problems before they damage your organization’s reputation.

How we solve it.

SYSTRAN integrates with Zendesk to immediately upgrade your organization’s worldwide customer service and support abilities.


When integrated directly into the Zendesk support workflow, real time translation is engaged, and your customer service personnel gain the ability to communicate in up to 55 languages via 150 language pairs.


Understanding and responding to the customer in their own language generates massive goodwill that develops into strong brand loyalty

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How NMT is Key to Scaling Successful Customer Service Globally

Our customers talk about it best

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“Language is an important part of the AI stack of tech, but they won’t provide the level of granularity and support offered by pure MT players. They are a different kind of competitor, but a good proxy when it comes to model benchmark.”


Managing Director 


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“Tech giants are only providing off the shelf solutions. The customers must have strong internal capabilities as they do not offer the range of service and support to use the customization options.”


VP Operation


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“Tech giants won’t provide the same level of customer support as MT pure players.” 


Managing Director



SYSTRAN NMT in this solution

Offering great customer service and support internationally requires not only accurately translated procedures and policies, but also real-time multi language understanding.


Unlike other translation applications, SYSTRAN NMT comes ready out of the box with specialized language models that understand the jargon and terminology of your industry. From there, SYSTRAN NMT’s AI base allows it to continue to learn and sharpen its already industry leading accuracy with every use.


Adopting the system into an organization’s workflow is simple, and enables real-time translation using text to speech, captioning and speech to text.


Empowering your customer service staff with 55 languages via 150 language pairs, SYSTRAN NMT gives your organization the ability to address any issue no matter the language and get to a critical result: problem solved.


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