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Partnership Introduction

At SYSTRAN, machine translation has been singular focus for over 55 years. Since our beginnings translating for the US Air Force during the Cold War, we have been in the vanguard of translation innovation. Our team created the first commercially available MT solution, developed the first web translation portals in the 2000s, and even partnered with Harvard University in 2016 to create the first neural network machine translation open-source ecosystem. We’ve been around. 


Our partners come from a variety of areas in the technology universe, with a focus on three main categories. See which category is best for you and your organization:

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Solution Consultants

Specific industry-focused solution consultants partner with SYSTRAN to solve an array of business challenges by providing their clients with a solution to increase international customer engagement while cutting costs. 

Consulting firms like Wipro and Cognizant rely on SYSTRAN, a partner with over 55 years of expertise in the machine translation field, to eliminate clients’ language roadblocks.

Technology Partners (SaaS)

SYSTRAN secures and helps create dynamic digital experiences for customers across a variety of SaaS platforms with a wide range of translation solutions.

Progress integrated SYSTRAN’s API connector into their CRM tool, Sitefinity, obtaining the ability to improve customers’ global productivity with AI-powered content translation.

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Group 8729

Direct & Value-Added Ressellers

A hands off, robust neural machine translation solution, SYSTRAN Translate enables resellers that sell a wide variety of software with the competitive edge needed to grow your business with real-time translation capabilities.

With the help of SYSTRAN, companies like Imagiforce were able to guarantee an end-to-end solution to significantly save time and reduce translation costs for their global customers. 

Why Partner with SYSTRAN

SYSTRAN’s industry-leading machine translation (MT) platform is used in enterprises globally to improve multilingual communication. Better together than alone, SYSTRAN uses a combination of AI and MT technology to provide users with the most efficient, accurate, and secure solution. 

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Competitive Advantage


Strong, stable technology partners help you distinguish your company from competitors and deliver the best client results. Whether selling SYSTRAN as a cornerstone application or simply as a translation and localization tool for different products, SYSTRAN Translate products offer the lowest priced, highest quality machine translation solution with dedicated live support.


Increase Current and Future Client Revenues


Develop new revenue streams from current clients and win new business by broadening your service/product offering to include AI enabled machine translation solutions.


Full Support


Our partnership team is here to support you throughout the entire process. Work with a dedicated partner manager to help you strategize and set the foundation for your success. 

Our customers talk about it best

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“The performance of our aftersales service is largely improved as each employee is now able to communicate with one single voice in so many different languages.”


eBusiness Project Manager


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“Working with SYSTRAN is working with a company with 55 years of experience in machine translation: the skill level is very high.”



Managing Director


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“SYSTRAN was an easy choice, as I knew it for a very long time - being one of the oldest machine translation providers out there.”


Global Language Services Lead



SYSTRAN Integrations to Supercharge Your Business

Neural machine translation (NMT) is a revolutionary approach to machine translation. Using an artificial neural network, NMT can predict the probability of a word sequence. SYSTRAN’s advanced solution can model entire sentences and leverage AI and MT technology to increase internal and external communication for businesses. This is a solution that explodes efficiencies for organizations across a wide range of industries through a huge variety of critical use cases. 

Marketing &  Sales Translation


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Employee & Customer Services Platforms


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Education & eLearning Platforms


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Communication, Collaboration


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eDiscovery, Data Processing, Compliance


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Communication, Collaboration


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