Unlimited, Secure Language Translation for Governmental Organizations 

Municipal, city, regional and national governments are mandated to service their constituents in the most efficient way possible, and in many jurisdictions, language translation is a key cornerstone of this mandate.


SYSTRAN Enterprise and Pure Neural Server offer secure, unlimited translation and thrive in multi-user environments where real time translation is required to serve constituents and other stakeholders. SYSTRAN exclusive governmental language models further increase accuracy, minimizing editing times and creating massive document translation efficiencies.  

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SYSTRAN provides machine translation software that is ideal for the needs of government organizations.
With SYSTRAN, your data is secure because you own it and control it in on-premise servers. And every person using the translation engine can rely on it for quick, high-quality translations by accessing an extensive library of language models created specifically for servicing hundreds of public sector and defense organizations.

Governmental Organizations: Communicate with Multilingual Confidence 

SYSTRAN, a global leader in enterprise-level translation, offers secure government translation solutions that are customizable and can easily integrate with common communication platforms for multilingual constituent service and support.  


Real time, secure translation enables public sector entities to increase access and inclusion, support diversity by establishing multicultural constituent communication avenues and offer increased transparency by reducing language barriers. 

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SYSTRAN is Used in a Variety of Departments and Applications:


  • Immigration services – Notices, document requests, consultations. 
  • Courts, correctional facilities and law enforcement – public access, documentation requests, applications. 
  • Public health systems – Public notices, news, alerts. 
  • Municipal, State and Provincial administrative offices – Information requests, websites. 
  • Education and public schools – Title VI requirements, notices, report cards.
  • Embassies and consulates - Websites, notices, announcements.
  • Elections and political events – Posters, buttons, advertising. 
  • And many more
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Translation in 55 Languages

Translating what people are saying in real time is easy with convenient access to an intelligent database that can translate in 55 languages and 150+ language pairs. SYSTRAN can even build language on demand. Technical terminology, regional slang, and cultural nuances can be learned and remembered thanks to natural language processing (NLP).


View our Language Catalog and a list of languages and language pairs. 



Cost Efficiency

SYSTRAN’s AI-enabled language translation software offers the flexibility of an on-premise language translation department but without the high cost.


Licensing your own translateServer gives you unlimited and unmetered translation, ensuring that your costs remain consistent, no matter your volume requirements. No more paying per-character or word for translation – SYSTRAN has you covered.  

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SYSTRAN has been developing language models for US and Canadian government and public sector organizations for over 55 years, including the FBI, CIA, DOD, NSA and others


SYSTRAN software is ready out of the box thanks to exclusive pre-trained governmental language models that can translate any technical terms and industry jargon with professional accuracy. Easily improve accuracy even further, to near human quality with training based on past translations using ModelStudio.  


Trust and Privacy

With free web translation applications, submitted information is not confidential and breaches numerous regulations and security protocols. With SYSTRAN, you own your own data, and it is never stored, or resold to others, unlike most big tech solutions. And by using Pure Neural Server, you can use your own IT security infrastructure and firewalls, ensuring the highest level of data security available.   


Government entities have chosen SYSTRAN since 1968 when the company was founded to serve the United States Air Force during the Cold War. Private, sensitive government and constituent data is always safe from outside sources and is never saved or stored 


SYSTRAN Offers Unmatched, Unlimited Government Translation 


SYSTRAN NMT's translation capabilities are unmatched by other government translation options, processing terabits at a time in any of 55 languages (150+ language pairs) with an immense database of government-specific terminology.


The software's neural machine translation learns from each and every use, gaining proficiency with your organization's translations every time. Ensure seamless communication across languages by translating government notices, documents, records, and so much more. 


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