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Backed by more than 50 years of experience in translation technology, SYSTRAN offers a fast and accurate machine translation solution for government agencies locally and nationally who need to monitor and control verbal and written communication in many languages.

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SYSTRAN provides machine translation software that is ideal for the needs of government organizations.
With SYSTRAN, your data is secure because you own it and control it in on-premise servers. And every person using the translation engine can rely on it for quick, high-quality translations by accessing an extensive library of language models created specifically for servicing hundreds of public sector and defense organizations.

Government Use Cases

Government Offices

SYSTRAN’s key clients include those in government and government agencies.

From law enforcement agencies to public health organizations, SYSTRAN is trusted to handle the most sensitive content needing government translation services.

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Defense Security

Defense and security organizations need the most secure and accurate tools to monitor mission information and perform their best in foreign-language ops.

Armed with SYSTRAN’s highly potent translation tools, organizations won’t miss out on mission-critical information from various sources. This allows for faster cooperation and better-informed safety decisions.

Public Security

Surging multilingual environments pose a challenge for public-sector security organizations. However, leveraging SYSTRAN’s public sector translation significantly improves compliance with state, federal, and local language access laws. Additionally, it maintains high privacy values and improves the overall quality of communication.

  • Integration into collaborative environments (e.g., Intranet)
  • Second-language version of websites
  • Integration into high-volume translation processes
  • Multilingual information retrieval and analysis
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Translation in 55 Languages

Translating what people are saying in real time is easy with convenient access to an intelligent database that can translate in 55 languages and 150+ language pairs. SYSTRAN can even build language on demand. Technical terminology, regional slang, and cultural nuances can be learned and remembered thanks to natural language processing (NLP).


View our Language Catalog and a list of languages and language pairs. 

SYSTRAN software contains a built-in AI engine that remembers preferred terminology while allowing you to monitor mission information, remain fully compliant, and maintain control over content.

SYSTRAN Machine Translation Solution compared to human services can only process 2,000 translations per day at 20 cents per word, but SYSTRAN’s high-powered translation software justifies its inclusion in a tight government budget by being 5X cheaper per word, and page-by-page.

Variable Levels of Accessibility

The SYSTRAN on-premise option allows translation entirely offline in the strictest security settings.

Ensure that only authorized personnel can see classified information. When remote translation is needed, SYSTRAN also enables browser-based translation with full data privacy.

Monitor and control communication security and complying with cybersecurity regulations will always be paramount.

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Discover How SYSTRAN Can Transform Your Government Translation Work

With SYSTRAN’s 50 years of experience and a 95% retention rate, you can expect the best from us. Simplify everyday translation in the public sector or for government, military, and police translation.


Request a demonstration of the software in action. You’ll see right away the benefits of this resource when translating what people are saying face-to-face, online, and in every document.


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