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SYSTRAN has launched a new generation of its Enterprise solution: SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server. Its enhanced user interface and new architecture gives you the best Neural Machine translation technology to meet your enterprise translation needs.

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SYSTRAN Key Differentiators

Responsible Technology

OVH reduces the amount of power needed to operate data centers and is a pioneer in water-cooling, a process developed by the company to reduce their energy consumption by 33%.

Open Source NMT

Started in December 2016 by the Harvard NLP group and SYSTRAN, the project has since been used in several research and industry applications. It is currently maintained by SYSTRAN and Ubiqus.

Secure Data Protection

SYSTRAN Pure neural® Server (SPNS) offers domain specific translation software powered by AI technology, providing accurate and consistent translation while securing your data in the cloud or on-premise.

Deployment Flexibility

Comes as a configuration (on-premise or hosted, multi-tenant or single-hosted solution). Because infrastructure shouldn't be your area of focus, we are providing you with the right computing resources to give you the best technical environment.


SYSTRAN acts as a bridge between hyper-technical language requirements, end-users, and language trainers, as many businesses lack the resources and expertise to train their language engines.

SYSTRAN Marketplace

Training a neural engine is not a simple task. With in-domain translation models, SYSTRAN Marketplace aims to propose Financial, Medical, Legal or Automotive translation models, and so much more, in any language.

Language & Domain Models

New tools and models, created to meet the level of quality expected by professional users, are available in self-service in the cloud and covers industries such as agriculture, education, finance, IT, legal and health.

Translated Words Daily

SYSTRAN provides business users with advanced and secure translation solutions in areas such as: global collaboration, multilingual content production, customer support, electronic investigation, Big Data analysis, e-commerce, omnichannel communications, etc

on-premise solution:

SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server

SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server (SPNS) is for enterprises looking to equip themselves with secure and accurate machine translation across their business while cutting costs and saving time.

SPNS Is Customized To Support Clients In All Industries
Legal Support
Gaming Localization
Multilingual Customer Support
Data Compliance & Security
Big Data
eLearning & Collaboration
L10n Product Localization
Government & Contractors

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cloud solution:


Run Your Small Business on a Global Scale

SYSTRAN Translate PRO is the cloud solution for individuals, groups, and small-medium businesses. Ensure secure and accurate multilingual communication and collaboration.

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The Technology Corner

Annually (30% Discount)


$ 7.99

For individuals or self-employed professionals.

  • Text, Word, Excel, Powerpoint translation
    in 55 languages.

  • ~150 pages of text/month*
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    $ 21.99

    For small businesses with international ambitions.

  • LITE Features
    + PDF translation

  • ~600 pages of text/user/month*
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    $ 49.99

    For growing businesses and localization teams.

  • PLUS Features + CAT/TMS tools connectors + Translation Memories

  • ~2,000 Pages Of text/user/month*
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    $ 109.99

    For businesses with large translation volume.

  • 7 millions credits per month , 1 User

  • $11.99 per additional million credits $13.24 per month per additional user.
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    * An average page contains about 1,500 characters or 250 words.​

    Professional Translation Features

    API For Developers

    SYSTRAN Translate PRO – API provides advanced professional translation features such as document translation (including PDF) and customization with your own linguistic resources, via our Web Interface or REST API, with all the flexibility of our cloud-based translation solution and pay-per-use plan. With SYSTRAN Translate PRO, translate into your business domain in more than 55 languages and 140 language combinations!


    $ 39.96

    per month - Billed Annually (or $52.99 if billed monthly)
    For developers and integrations in third-party applications.

  • 4 million credits/month included
  • $9.99 per additional million credits
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