Coworkers interacting
Coworkers interacting

What We Do

SYSTRAN is the world leader in Machine Translation and software for companies ranging in size from small to Global corporate enterprises. Since 1968, we have pioneered all the key advances in the field, supporting public and private organizations to bridge the language gap. Today, we leverage AI and Deep Learning to help our clients meet their customers’ needs in their native language, conquer new markets and streamline their workflows.

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Cloud Solution

• Instant implementation/access
• Lower starting costs
• Professional Cloud grade security
• Full data privacy
• Geared towards SMBs / Academia / Freelancers

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On-Premise Solution

• Full control
• Custom IT architecture
• Highest levels of security
• Can operate offline
• Higher level of personalization.

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Translation Solutions

SYSTRAN in North America

53 years of innovative presence in the North American market, 55 languages, including the most spoken language in the Americas, with a 95% retention rate makes SYSTRAN a safe choice when choosing a secure translation software solution.






Retention Rate

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Our Key Differentiators

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Full Data Privacy

We do not store or use your data to improve our translation engines. They are your property and should remain so. We provide secure translation software and are compliant with all local Privacy laws.

Open Source Commitment

Our NMT System is Open Source. Started in December 2016 by the Harvard NLP group and SYSTRAN, the Open Source NMT project has since been used in several research and industry applications.

Responsible Technology

We use OVH to reduce the amount of power needed to operate data centers. OVH is a pioneer in water-cooling, a process developed by the company to reduce their energy consumption by 33%.

Deployment Flexibility

Configuration adapted to your infrastructure and constraints (on-premise or hosted, multi-tenant or single-hosted solution).


We help you train your language engines to adapt them to your company’s technical vocabulary, corporate tone, and language preferences.

Industry-Specific Models

We have built the largest collection of industry-specific models, working with language specialists. Our models systematically surpass our free online competitors.

SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server

SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server (SPNS) is for enterprises looking to equip themselves with secure and accurate machine translation across their business while cutting costs and saving time.

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SYSTRAN Translate PRO is the cloud solution for individuals, groups, and small-medium businesses. Ensure secure and accurate multilingual communication and collaboration.

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Our History




Founded in La Jolla, California by Dr. Peter Toma, SYSTRAN’s goal was to bridge the gap between cultures and avoid new conflicts. SYSTRAN stands for SYStem TRANslation.


Cold War

During the Cold War, SYSTRAN supports the US government entities by providing an easy way to translate between Russian and English.



Space Conquest

SYSTRAN deploys automatic translation on the Apollo Soyuz mission to translate flight instructions from Russian to English.


Serving The Private Sector

SYSTRAN takes Machine Translation to the private sector by providing the first commercial application of MT in the US for Xerox. SYSTRAN helped thousands of companies save time and resources.



America Online Debuts

AOL was one of the early pioneers of the Internet in the mid-1990s, and the most recognized brand on the web in the United States.


First Online Tool

SYSTRAN develops for Alta Vista Babel Fish: the first online translation site and equips all the following portals: Google, Yahoo!, Lycos, Wanadoo.



First Neural Machine Translation Engine

Using AI and Deep Learning, SYSTRAN launches the first neural translation engine, in collaboration with Harvard NLP.


Empowering SMBs

SYSTRAN creates Translate PRO, a cloud-based solution designed for SMBs: affordable & flexible.

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